MinuteWar Move Banker FAQ



What do I do first?

The first thing you should do after your team is established is to enter your default information.

  1. Starting at the home page, select your team from the drop down list and enter your desired player name (probably easiest to use your MinuteWar player name, but you can use any name you want).
  2. You will be asked for a username and password. The username is your team name. The password is your team password. Ask whoever set up the team what it is.
  3. Once you are past the authentication, you will be at the main page. Scroll down to "Set/Update Personal Defaults" and fill in your offset, home latitude and longitude, and email address (if you would like email notification when someone on your team banks a move) then click on "Update Personal Defaults".

How do I set up a team?

This is easy. You will start on the home page and you need to supply three pieces of information:

  1. Your team name. This must be unique in the database. I would suggest using some combination of your MinuteWar team name and the game number, but you can also use your pet's name if you would prefer.
  2. The game. Select the game your team will be playing in from the pull down list.
  3. Your team password. You will share this with your teammates and use it to log into your team's move bank pages. Although everyone says not to write down passwords, I think it is safe to write this one down. I  recommend writing it on your monitor for safe keeping :). Of course if one of your opponents gains access to your home, your data could be compromised ;)

Just enter those three pieces of data and click on "Create Team". I told you it was easy.

How do  I bank a move?

This is also easy, just two bits of information, if you want.

First go to the main page, by starting at the home page and entering your team name and player name. (Be sure to use the same player name every time).

Find the section labeled "Bank a Move"

Fill in the "Square you visited". This is the name of the MinuteWar flag you intend to capture. (latitude x longitude)

Enter a short comment if you want. This comment will be shown in the Currently Banked Moves list, lower down the page.

Click "Enter Banked Move...", which takes you to a form that looks like a traditional capture report form.

If you want, you can simply click on "Enter Banked Move" and your move is banked. If you would prefer, you can fill in the Description (and the Moved To information if you are placing the flag) and then, later, you can submit your capture report with just two clicks of the mouse.

Why do I need to set up my defaults?

Your offset and home lat/lon are used to map between the square name (that you enter when you bank a move) and the physical flag coordinates (that you report to the game engine when you capture the flag). The move banking and board display will still work even if you don't fill in any of this information, but you won't be able to use the capture reporting feature.

How do I use the "two-click" capture?

From the main page, find the "Currently Banked Moves" section and then find the move you want to submit in the list. When you click on "Report..." you will be taken to a screen showing your capture report as it will be submitted. Once you have checked that the information is correct, click on "Capture this Flag". You should then get back the "Success" message from the MinuteWar game engine.

Can I see the source code for these pages?

Yes, you can click on any of the links below to see the (PHP/HTML) source code associated with that file.

Can I see other another team's data?

I hope not. I have done my best to ensure that you can't.

Can I host this page myself?

Yes, subject to one main condition - if you make any improvements or fix any bugs, you will share them with me so that I can, in turn, share them with the MinuteWar community.